Ellie Enora's mascot a black and white striped elephant that represents entrepreneurship

Meet Ellie.

She’s unique.
She’s ambitious.
She’s full of potential.

She’s your awesome business idea.

The Problem

Ellie’s also the elephant in the room.

Family and friends don’t think she can succeed.

Old coworkers and bosses think she’s crazy.

Neighbors can’t figure out what the heck she is exactly.

And your own inner-critic is begging you to put her down before she becomes the end of you.

But despite all of that, somewhere deep within, you discover the resilience, resolution, and grit you need to believe in her, forge a path for her, and do everything in your power to help her be her best self.

Well entrepreneur, you’ve come to the right place.

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The Final Frontier.

We exist to help you bring your Ellie to life through articles, reviews, tutorials, and tips aimed at helping you to build a wildly successful business online—the final frontier for all businesses.

We also want to help you build a great business that lives in harmony with a designed life; so that it is a part, not apart.

The content that you will find among our pages is written with that goal in mind—helping you to build a great business that is a part of your designed life.

And there are three pillars that we believe are paramount to accomplishing that.

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> Mindset <

The hardest part about being an entrepreneur is cultivating the mindset that is needed to achieve your goals and fighting the mindset that works to stand in your way.

If you find that your mindset tends to stand in the way of accomplishing your entrepreneurial goals, we have great news:

You’re not alone and you can always change your mind.

We’re passionate about cultivating the beliefs needed to nurture your inner entrepreneur, and you’ll find content throughout our pages to support that goal

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> Strategy <

When you’re just starting out on the road to building your own business, you are in one of the most fragile stages of your entrepreneurial journey.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of snags, barriers, gotchas, and great big hurdles at this stage that have a high chance of slowing you down and flat-out stopping you in your tracks.

But more often than not, even the biggest roadblocks can be overcome with strategy (even the ones that seem insurmountable).

There are many paths that lead to the same destination, but very rarely will you reach your destination by traveling in a straight line.

A good strategy leverages all the possible paths that lead to your destination and finds the one that will actually get you there.

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strategy + the right mindset = success.

But every business is different.

The exact strategy that works for one business will probably not work for another, even for the same entrepreneur.

This is why we work to present as many strategies to you as possible so that you can identify the ones that make the most sense to you for your business.

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> Motivation <

We know that being an entrepreneur can feel like riding a roller coaster.

It’s a journey full of mountaintop highs and deep valley lows–sometimes within striking distance of one another.

You wear many hats and must make all of the decisions.

But, we also firmly believe that the low tides in your journey are very important and critical moments for your growth.

They’re growing pains–opportunities that can level you up and get you closer to the version of yourself that has accomplished the things that the current you is working so hard to achieve.

This is why we believe motivation is the third pillar of entrepreneurship.

It’s important that you keep on keeping on and never stop.

Jordan Peele stopped writing Get Out about 20 times, but because he kept coming back to it, he went on to become the first black screenwriter to receive an Oscar.

J.K Rowling’s novel, Harry Potter, was rejected 12 times and Rowling herself was told “not to quit her day job”. The Harry Potter franchise went on to make over $1 Billion USD.

Walt Disney quickly went bankrupt after starting his first animation company. Even though he was forced to subsist on dog food after his first failure, he tried several more times to start an animation company before finally succeeding.

What’s the point? Don’t quit!

So Welcome to Enora.

We’re helping pioneers, creatives, and visionaries like you build a business online and we’re just getting started; there’s lots more content in store for you.

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