10 Simple Ways to Increase Productivity

10 Simple Ways to Increase Productivity

10 Simple Ways to Increase Productivity



Do you want to be more productive? 

The more you achieve, the easier life will be. But how can you do more without suffering from exhaustion and stress? 

Use these ten productivity guidelines and watch your output grow.

01 Get rid of distractions.

Anything from the phone ringing to the allure of Social Media could divert you and make you less productive.

Work out which activities often steal your time and set aside ten to thirty minutes to do them. You will be amazed by how many extra hours you gain from this simple time-management tactic.

02 Be single-minded.

Quit multitasking.

Science suggests it can make you less productive. You are not efficient when you spread yourself too thin and carry out several jobs at once.

Aim to work on single tasks to achieve better results and work faster than usual.

03 Start with clarity.

Some jobs are simple. You know what to do and recognize why you need to accomplish them.

Others are vague, and you need clarity before you can make headway. Make sure you understand what you want to achieve and why.

If the task is complex, create a step-by-step plan to follow. It should only take a few minutes.

04 Clear your mind.

The most productive and successful people in the world lead simple lives.

They avoid over-watching TV and cluttering their minds. They leave space in their psyches for what they want to do rather than overloading their brains.

Do likewise to ramp up fruitfulness.

05 Clear the environment.

Try to work in the chaos of material junk, and you won’t achieve a great deal fast.

Not only will decluttering your home and office give you peace of mind, but it will also help you stay organized.

You’ll find the things you need quickly and be more productive.

Young entrepreneur at her desk dressed very nicely who is mastering being productive

06 Ditch procrastination.

Successful people don’t put off the tasks they hate.

They do them before the jobs they enjoy and get them out of the way. Their behavior leaves them motivated and content.

Plus, the jobs you don’t like are often those that need doing most urgently.

When you finish them, you’ll sigh with relief.

07 Increase enthusiasm.

You’re most productive when you are happy and take pleasure in tasks. What should you do, then, when faced with chores you can’t stand? The answer is to rethink them.

Make them more interesting by tackling them in fresh ways. Shake up your routine if doing so helps you get rid of an unproductive mindset. Do things at different times and in alternative ways.

Also, think about the benefits you’ll gain from carrying out tasks instead of focusing on how much you hate them.

08 Use mind-power tricks.

Hack your brain with short bursts of meditation to increase creativity and focus.

You can listen to energizing brainwave entrainment during coffee breaks, too.

Or you might enjoy a mind power video like Jeffrey Gignac’s ‘Smarter in Seven Minutes’ passive brain fitness.

09 Rise early.

You’ll achieve more if you rise earlier than you do right now.

But rather than plowing into work, take a while to gather your thoughts and enjoy a little ‘me time;’ doing so will help you to relax and focus more when you do get to work.

You’ll also be happier carrying out tasks because you won’t feel that work was the main reason you got out of bed.

10 Visualize your goal.

Your brain understands goals are achievable when you picture reaching them.

You naturally imagine doing little chores before carrying them out at home, so why not apply the same principle to work?

See yourself accomplishing the results you want, and you’ll have the drive and creativity to do just that.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, productivity isn’t all about willpower.

Willpower only helps until your mind resists you striving to achieve.

Rather than struggle and force yourself to do more, follow the tips above and make it easy to accomplish your productivity goals.




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